The Valencia Region, composed of the provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante, is a bi-lingual community in which the Spanish and Valencian languages are spoken. In order to respect the preferences of the many musical organizations and institutions in the Region, many names are often listed on the website in the original language. The differences as far as English speakers are concerenced are generally minor.

In addition to the corresponding English translation:
The University of Valencia may read:
Universidad de Valencia (Spanish) and Universitat de València (Valencian

The Musical Union of Ondara may read:
Unión Musical de Ondara (Spanish) and Unió Musical d'Ondara (Valencian).

However, the site of the Jazz Festival will read:
Jávea (Spanish) and Xàbia (Valencian)


The Direcció adjunta de música i cultura popular valenciana del Institut Valencià de Cultura has responsibilities in the following areas:

  • The protection and promotion of the Valencia musical heritage
  • The promotion of the music and professional musicians of Valencia throughout the Valencia Region.
  • Artist Management: Joven Orquesta de la Generalitat Valenciana (Valencia Regional Government Youth Orchestra) and Coro de la Generalitat Valenciana (Valencia Regional Government Choir). The Valencia Law of Music additionally contemplates the future creation of an orchestra, a youth band and a professional band.
  • The stimulation of the composition and creation of new music
  • The promotion and fostering of musical associations
  • The projection of Valencia's musical culture beyond the boundaries of the Valencia Region.



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