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The Musical Documentation Centre handles constantly growing libraries of books, periodicals and music recordings. The library boasts some 1,000 titles and a significant collection of brochures and leaflets that traces the Valencia Regional Government's policies and activities in the musical sphere over the past 15 years. The music collection receives donations from public and private sources, the most significant examples of which being the 15,000 vinyl LPs donated by Radio 9 and the approximately 70,000 titles contributed by the Spanish National Radio. The music library also enjoys and counts on donations of individual collections. IVM maintains subscriptions to a wide variety of national and foreign magazines aimed at both the general public and serious research, with an emphasis in the area of ancient music.

The musical forms linked to our indigenous culture, including traditional, band, ancient, contemporary as well as jazz music, represent areas of special interest for the Centre. As far as the music of the region's wind bands is concerned, IVM is bringing together both commercial and unreleased recordings featuring the various musical societies of the Valencia region. In the realm of traditional music, the Institute possesses numerous recordings wich furnish the Fonoteca de Materials CD collection, as well as many unreleased tapes of field recordings. In addition, the IVM music archive contains collections of private recordings made by leading Valencian scholars.

The Oral Memory program being developed by the Documentation Centre consists of interviews with some of the veteran musicians and composers of the Valencian music scene. This series is not limited to the classical music world, extending as it does to other genres.

The Centre also features a reading room and video and DVD listening and viewing stations, which permit the interested visitor to attend consultations with researchers.

Direct access to the archives of the Musical Documentation Centre is available at the IVM offices, with access to the majority of the library archives being free.

Research consultations are to take place at the Centre. An IVM membership card (which requires the presentation of two photographs and a photocopy of the applicant's national identity document/passport) is required when requesting a loan of materials from the Centre.

Documentalist: Rosa Castell

Tf: 96.318.44.79

Visiting hours in winter:
From October 16th until May 14th
10.30 - 14.00 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
17.00 - 19.00 Wednesday

Visiting hours in summer:
From May 15th until October 15th
10.30-14.00 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday



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